Vertical blinds present an elegant solution in all kinds of different situations. They are also an attractive option for large window panes, allowing you to keep the sunlight out of your office space or room without losing visual contact with the world outside. This type of window covering also contributes to the acoustics in your office and gives your interior a modern touch. Vertical blinds are available in all kinds of finishes: elegant and chic, trendy and sleek... But Soliflex also has several options for various branches of industry, ranging from a modern or traditional sun shade for your office to systems that meet the antibacterial requirements of your lab or research centre.

  • In out attractive palette of textures and colours you are bound to find the textile blind you had in mind. Everything is possible: transparent, blackout and so on. The ideal solution to avoid curious glances.
  • Soliflex easy-care PVC blinds are available in all kinds of exciting finishes: uniform, perforated, structured etc.

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